Stash 60 !

Hier, j'ai reçu le numéro 60 de Stash, dans lequel nous sommes interviewés sur notre travail sur 'Après La Pluie'! C'est un plaisir et un honneur de voir notre film présenté dans ce numéro aux côtés de plusieurs autres très jolis films. Pour vous le procurer aussi, c'est *ICI*

Yesterday I recieved the number 60 of Stash in which we are interviewed on the work we did on 'After The Rain'! It's a pleasure and an honour, to have our film along other very nice shorts! You can order it *HERE* if you'd like:


Stephan Royer said...

Congratulations, i loved the video very inspiring!

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Thanks Stephan! You have some pretty interesting thing on your blog as well.

RAWLS said...

I meant to send you an email about this a couple of weeks ago. We get Stash here at work and I was excited when I saw After the Rain! Many congrats my friend. Great work!!!

jonathan said...

Apres FFFOUNNND on s'attaque à STASH!!!! non je blague c'est tres cool.félicitations

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Rawls . A couple of weeks ago?... It just came out...! Thanks.

Jonathan . Aha! Merci ;)

messytimbo said...

cool! i saw that it was showing at the 1dotzero festival in london recently. i was going to buy a tick for the particular screening that your film was in just so i could see it on a big screen. but i couldn't make it :(

Garlicandy said...

omg can't believe u visited my blog! i'm so honored haha
i absolutely LOVE your work! i remember being blown away by your beautiful "Après la pluie" when it was featured on Motionographer. love your fun character works :) nice meeting u here hehe

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Messytimbo . Oh really?! I didn't even know... no one told me our film was playing there. I would have been there for sure... :(

Garlicandy . My pleasure! Nice meeting you too.

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